Student Wellbeing Teacher Report Scales

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The Student Wellbeing Teacher Report Scales (SWTRS) were developed by Tony Roberson and Dr. Renshaw. These brief behavior rating scales are intended for use in universal mental health screening in schools for the purposes of identifying student risk, targeting adaptive skill areas for intervention, and progress monitoring.

Early exploratory research using a relatively small K-5 elementary school sample suggests the SWTRS item pool may be best described as measuring three substantive latent factors related to youth wellbeing at school from the perspective of the classroom teacher, each with strong internal consistency: (a) academic engagement, (b) prosocial behavior, and (c) positive emotional experiences.

These data also suggest responses to the SWTRS may be superior predictors of concurrent risk in (a) math and reading achievement, (b) time on-task during class, and (c) number of school absences compared to scores derived from brief teacher-reported measures of youth internalizing and externalizing problem behaviors—the Student Internalizing Behavior Screener and the Student Externalizing Behavior Screener.

All data, analysis scripts, and research report documentation from the initial development and validation of the SWTRS is freely available here.

If you are interested in collaborating on future studies involving the SWTRS, please contact Tony Roberson at