Mindful Student Questionnaire

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The Mindful Student Questionnaire (MSQ) is a 15-item self-report behavior rating scale for measuring youths' school-specific mindfulness. Two subscales assess the core components of mindfulness: (1) Mindful Attention and (2) Mindful Acceptance. Scores from these subscales can be used as standalone indicators of student mindfulness or they can be summed to create the Mindful Student Scale. The third subscale in the MSQ assesses a behavior change process that is facilitated by mindfulness: Approach and Persistence. Scores from this subscale are not included when summing the other subscales to create a composite score.

Research shows that responses to all MSQ scales have at least adequately internally reliability and that they have convergent validity with several indicators of student wellbeing. Research also shows that the subscale scores have incremental validity in relation to each other for predicting student wellbeing and academic achievement. 

The MSQ is intended to be used for practical purposes as an outcome and progress-monitoring measure for mindfulness-based interventions in schools. Yet further research is needed to demonstrate its treatment utility for these purposes.

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