Avoidance and Fusion Questionnaire for Youth8

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Dr. Laurie Greco and colleagues are the lead developers of this instrument.  

The 8-item version of the Avoidance and Fusion Questionnaire for Youth (AFQ-Y8) is a self-report behavior rating scale for measuring youths' psychological inflexibility, which is characterized by cognitive fusion and experiential avoidance. A cutoff score of 15 is used for screening purposes to identify youth at-risk for clinical-level depression and anxiety.

Research shows that responses to the AFQ-Y8 have strong internal reliability as well as discriminant and convergent validity with several indicators of youth mental health problems. Research has also shown that responses to the 8-item version of the measure have better internal reliability and convergent validity than responses to the full 17-item version.

The AFQ-Y8 may be useful as an outcome or progress-monitoring measure for assessing basic behavioral change processes, yet further research is needed to explore its treatment utility for these purposes.

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